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Dr. Canoun has undergone extensive training to become a leading Bay Area plastic surgeon. He is trained in both General and Plastic Surgery and is one of the few surgeons in the Bay Area who is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of General Surgery.  Dr. Canoun also undertook further fellowship training in both Craniofacial and Cosmetic Surgery. During these fellowships he gained invaluable experience in complex cosmetic procedures of both the face and body.

Prior to returning to the Bay Area, Dr. Canoun was an assistant professor of Plastic Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia. During this time, he was closely involved in the training of future plastic surgeons and was the director of both craniofacial and cosmetic surgery programs at MCV.

Dr. Canoun is committed to the advancement of plastic surgery. He was granted a Fulbright fellowship in Strasbourg, France and has authored several publications. Using his research background, he has developed innovative cosmetic procedures that produce superior results with less risk and recovery than traditional operations.

Dr. Canoun has travelled to both Guatemala and the Palestinian Territories to operate on children with craniofacial deformities. In 2006, a child was brought to the United States to have surgery by Dr. Canoun.

Read comments by Dr. Canoun previous patients.

Dr. K Cary Canoun, MD, FACS

I saw Dr Canoun in June for breast augmentation and chose Walnut Creek quite honestly because the hospital fees are much lower than SF and that savings gets passed on to me.  I have found him to be personable and a professional at what he does.  I am very happy with the results and all of the staff in his office and at the surgery center.  It was a smooth and easy process and I would recommend him to anyone else looking for cosmetic surgery.  After discussing the options, pros and cons of each type of implant, I chose to have saline implants under the muscle and everything worked out great.

I am a pretty active person and so it has taken me the full 6 weeks to be back to all of the things I like to do but I knew that beforehand and it was expected.  I am back to being a massage therapist, riding horses and keeping up a regular yoga practice.


Kamalijt B. San Francisco, CA - 8/6/2014


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