Breast Lift

Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift raises and firms the breast by removing excess skin. It restores the youthful contour of the breast that have lost their shape due to time, weight loss or pregnancy.

If you want your breast to be lifted and fuller, a breast augmentation can often be preformed at the same time.

Breast Lift


Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast Lift and Augmentation


After interviewing 4 plastic surgeons for a breast lift, Dr. Canoun was, without question, the most in-tune with the patient. He listened attentively, examined carefully and gave a thorough explanation of what to expect. The receptionist, Kathy, will make your experience comfortable too. She’s responsive to the patient and efficient. You won’t be dismissed or left unattended.

I was particularly impressed with Dr. Canoun the day of surgery as I watched him precisely determine the outline of the incision. Along with his confidence and caring bedside manner, I knew I was in the best of hands.

It’s only been a month, but I’m thrilled with my results. I had thought about a breast lift for ten years; and now I’m so pleased that I waited to have Dr. Canoun do the surgery.

J.S. Walnut Creek, CA - 2/19/2014

Since my surgery (tummy tuck , breast lift / and reduction) with Dr. Cary Canoun,  the results are continually improving daily.  I cannot say enough about Dr. Canoun and his skilled hands.  I am more confident and look better than ever.  I am so pleased with my results and Dr. Canoun assures me they will only get better and better.

I am only 6 weeks out and my tummy tuck scar is so thin,  in six months it will barely be visible.  That is all due to his technique , and knowledge of the human body.  I cannot thank Dr. Canoun and his wonderful staff, I’d highly suggest anyone considering any procedures should certainly see Dr. Canoun


Janice T. Vallejo, CA - 12/11/2013

I just recently had a breast lift & augmentation done by Dr. Canoun. I had gone to several doctors for consultations & am more than happy & fulfilled about choosing to go with Dr. Canoun! He fully educated me before & after which was comforting as well as just really listened to my wants. He asked me several questions to confirm what I wanted & would feel happy about & explained each scenario. Definitely making sure my wants could become a reality with his magic!

Previous to my operation I was very insecure with my deflated breast & loose skin which also gave me back and shoulder pains. And besides bringing the beauty back to my breast… my shoulders & back no longer hurt! And my posture is magically improved! I am so happy! I even received several compliments as soon as a week after surgery! I look forward to hearing & seeing successful results from my friends & business partners who all asked for Dr. Canoun’s number!

Oh & in addition, two other qualities that stuck out to me were that he gives his cell phone number out & was responsive to my calls never leaving me waiting or concerned. The other was something I’ll always remember… When I first woke up from surgery I asked him a non relevant question, about my soccer team & he on the spot looked up the answer for me. It has nothing to do with surgery but shows me the extra mile of comfort he offers to his patients.

Monica G. San Jose, Ca