Eyelid Lift

Visit any cosmetics counter and you will be inundated with products that claim to make your eyes look younger. While some products can help conceal the signs of aging, nothing is going to bring back those bright eyes of youth except surgery. While surgery may sound drastic, an eyelift or blepharoplasty, is a relatively minimal procedure. It can be done without general anesthesia and the post-operative recovery is short.

Blepharoplasty is popular with both men and woman. It is performed by making an incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. The excess skin of the lid is removed and the incision closed with fine sutures. In the lower eyelid, the incision is made just below the lash line. If indicated, eyelid fat is also removed or repositioned. There is some discomfort, swelling and bruising following the procedure that usually resolves in a week or two. Most patient are back doing normal activities within a couple days. However, it may take several months until the final results are achieved.

While surgery cannot stop the aging process it can help slow it down. Following eyelid surgery, most patients feel they look younger, more alert and rested. It is not surprising that blepharoplasty has one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings among cosmetic procedures.

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Upper and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

Lower Lid Blepharoplasty w. Fat Excision


I’m so glad I chose Dr. Canoun. He is a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. He’s personable and his fees are quite low. He did work on my eyes several years ago. Last year, I had some work done on my face and neck. He made sure I knew exactly what he was going to do and why. I knew what to expect.

A friend of mine, who is a registered nurse, picked me up from the hospital and took care of me. He immediately told me what a great job Dr. Canoun did and how perfect the stitches were. My friend continued to make similar statements as he monitored my recovery. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful my skin is. It’s been over a year now and I’m very, very pleased with the results.


Andria B. Lafayette, CA - 5/29/2014