If you are bothered by signs of aging in your face, a facelift may be right for you. A facelift is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck.

It corrects sagging skin, restores the position of facial fat and improves tone in the lower face and neck. It is an essential procedure to restore a youthful, rejuvenated facial appearance.

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Full Face Lift and Neck Liposuction

Full Face Lift


My eyebrows were sagging, making me look sad, and I had jowls at my jaw line and deep baggy circles under my eyes. I did consults with some other surgeons, but chose Dr. Canoun because he had excellent credentials, his location was convenient and his price was more reasonable. Dr. Canoun did a facelift, lateral browlift and lower lid blepharoplasty on me.

I am very pleased with the results. He was able to correct the sagging on my neck too.  It looks completely natural. Everyone says that I look great and very young for my age. I’m healthy and feel young & strong and now my appearance reflects the way I feel inside.  Dr. Canoun is very easy-going, pleasant to talk with, explained everything clearly and answered questions to my complete satisfaction. He made the process as easy as was possible. I was off work for almost 3 weeks.

It took about 2 weeks for all the yellow-green colors and the swelling to resolve. I never felt any really pain, just discomfort, and didn’t use any pain killers other than Tylenol for a couple days.  Sleeping with my head elevated & using the icepacks really helped keep the swelling down. Dr. Canoun has a lovely group of assistants at both his offices. They were caring and helpful. The Aspen Surgery Center worked out well too. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Canoun to anyone considering facial surgery.

Joy K. Oakley, CA - 1/16/2014

Last May I had to have a tumor removed from my foot. It left me bedridden for 3 months. In that 3 months I put on about 50lbs. When it healed and I returned to running, the 50lbs came off. The one thing about being over 45 is that your skin doesn’t snap back like it did when you are 20. My face at this point seemed to sag because of all the weight loss. I needed a face lift. A very good friend of mine recommended Dr Cary Canoun, a very well know plastic surgeon.

My first visit with Dr Canoun went well. He was very personable and was kind and understanding of my situation. He showed me many before and after pictures of his work. I can honestly say he is a artist at what he does. I set up the date and had the face lift, eyebrow lift and he added in some awesome cheek bones. My recovery was around 14 days. During that time he had given me his cell number just in case I had a problem or other questions.

It has now been about 6 weeks post surgery and I look like I did when I was 30. All my friends think my face looks great because of the weight loss not because I had work done on it. It is amazing to see that you can have plastic surgery and look natural after and not all stretched out and funny looking. I would recommend Dr Canoun to anyone looking for a natural look after plastic surgery. Because honestly do you really want your friends to know you had work done? Or do you want to have them tell you that you look amazing and not know why?

R.S. Pleasant Hill, CA 5/22/2011