Dr. Canoun performed reconstructive surgery (breast implants) following my bilateral mastectomy last year. Besides being a very professional, skilled, and meticulous surgeon, he also had a friendly, gentle manner about him that reduced any nervousness or anxiety I felt about the surgeries. He also offered excellent advice when I had questions about the procedures, and I feel as though he tailored the results to my particular needs and lifestyle. I would highly recommend Dr. Canoun, as I feel that he is a superior plastic surgeon.

L.H. Oakley, CA - 1/30/2008

I’m so glad I chose Dr. Canoun. He is a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. He’s personable and his fees are quite low. He did work on my eyes several years ago. Last year, I had some work done on my face and neck. He made sure I knew exactly what he was going to do and why. I knew what to expect.

A friend of mine, who is a registered nurse, picked me up from the hospital and took care of me. He immediately told me what a great job Dr. Canoun did and how perfect the stitches were. My friend continued to make similar statements as he monitored my recovery. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful my skin is. It’s been over a year now and I’m very, very pleased with the results.


Andria B. Lafayette, CA - 5/29/2014

I grew up a very flat-chested girl and went through some tough self esteem issues as a teenager and a young woman. After I realized I wasn’t just a “late bloomer” (my mother is a 36C and I figured I would at least get close to her size) at age 20 I started contemplating breast implant surgery.
After graduating high school and getting out into the real world, I had gotten past being embarrassed about having a small chest and had even somewhat embraced the fact I never had to wear a bra. At this point I had great hips and butt, a thin waist, but as you moved upwards, it was as if my breasts has just decided not to grow along with the rest of me. I was a 32A with size 5 hips and weighed about 125. I am only 5′ 3″. Still, I always felt like I was less of a woman than those blessed with breasts. I would have even been content with a B-cup but as I got older and my boobs never got any bigger, it really began to affect my self-esteem again, especially when it came to swimming and summer parties. If I found a bathing suit to fit my hips, I could not fill the chest and it was so embarrassing to me. Especially being in the presence of other women my age that actually had boobs! I know it sounds stupid, but I felt like I was the girl that the guys never thought of as being sexy. I was popular, but I eanted to feel like a WOMAN, AND WOMEN HAVE BREASTS!

When I went in for the initial consult, I specifically remember being put at ease immediately by the staff despite my nervousness. I knew nothing about what breast enlargement would cost, or what came after the initial research and deciding to actually go see a surgeon. When Dr. Canoun came into the exam room (with a female nurse of course) and we began talking about what I wanted, I was so at ease. It is definitely awkward at first to have a stranger touching and moving your breasts but it was so professional I never even thought twice about it. It was also hilarious because I remember he rarely looked at my face when we talked, he stared at my chest practically from start to finish. I realized it was because he was very serious about his work and wanted to analyze my body as much as possible to get the best results. Pre-op came, then surgery day.

I was on the operating table and Dr. Canoun was very cheerful, as was the entire operating staff, which put me at ease. A nurse said, “You will start to feel sleepy.”  I did. I opened my eyes what seemed like only seconds later and thought something had gone wrong and he couldn’t do the surgery. I asked the nurse standing beside the table, “Did it work?” Lol! And she gently picked up my arm and hand and placed it on top of my chest which definitely HAD BOOBS! It was wonderful! Recovery went well and 14 years later, my breasts are still perky and beautiful! He changed my life that day. My self-esteem in the breast department is great. If you have the opportunity to have Dr. Canoun as your surgeon, you can feel confident you will be getting wonderful results! Thanks Dr. Canoun!

Jo M. Bumpass, VA - 3/22/2014

Last May I had to have a tumor removed from my foot. It left me bedridden for 3 months. In that 3 months I put on about 50lbs. When it healed and I returned to running, the 50lbs came off. The one thing about being over 45 is that your skin doesn’t snap back like it did when you are 20. My face at this point seemed to sag because of all the weight loss. I needed a face lift. A very good friend of mine recommended Dr Cary Canoun, a very well know plastic surgeon.

My first visit with Dr Canoun went well. He was very personable and was kind and understanding of my situation. He showed me many before and after pictures of his work. I can honestly say he is a artist at what he does. I set up the date and had the face lift, eyebrow lift and he added in some awesome cheek bones. My recovery was around 14 days. During that time he had given me his cell number just in case I had a problem or other questions.

It has now been about 6 weeks post surgery and I look like I did when I was 30. All my friends think my face looks great because of the weight loss not because I had work done on it. It is amazing to see that you can have plastic surgery and look natural after and not all stretched out and funny looking. I would recommend Dr Canoun to anyone looking for a natural look after plastic surgery. Because honestly do you really want your friends to know you had work done? Or do you want to have them tell you that you look amazing and not know why?

R.S. Pleasant Hill, CA 5/22/2011

I have an upper thin lip and with age its getting thinner. Same for the folds near my nose which are getting deeper, making me look older. In general, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my face. Visiting Dr Canoun’s site and seeing the before and after photos encouraged me. Meeting Dr Canoun made me decide to do it, he made me feel trusting and I didn’t hesitate.

Now I’m very happy with the result. My lip look naturally fuller which gives me a definitely younger look. My folds are smoother so my face looks less tired and refreshed. As a whole, with a minor procedure, I look much younger, and I’m definitely satisfied. I will definitely trust Dr Canoun for an upcoming facelift in few years …

I.M. Review from Yelp

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I met Dr. Canoun at John Muir E.R. A quarter of my finger got cut off in an accident. Dr. Canoun was the on-call plastic surgeon that night. LUCKY ME! When Dr. Canoun arrived (aprox 1.5 hours after I was admitted) he immediately became my hero. The nursing staff at J.M.forgot about me. I was in alone, in shock, shaking, nauseous and bleeding badly.

He immediately got an staff in there to clean me up, give me anti nausea pills, etc. He took excellent care of me. He also held off on skin graft surgery (big $ for him)  in hopes that my finger would regenerate. It did! Because of him my finger looks close to normal. I saw him weekly for 2 months. He is SO good at what he does!Funny too. Ask him about the girl with missing finger.

:-) Go see him!!!


Justine F. Lafayette, CA 1/29/2014


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